Zrajm’s Toki Pona Dictionary

a kin PARTICLE(emotional interjection, emphasis, confirmation)
akesi NOUNnon-cute animal; reptile, amphibian
ala NOUNnothing ADJECTIVEnot, no, empty NUMBER0, zero
alasa VERBhunt, gather, forage; (unconventional) search, (unconventional) look for
ale ali NOUNabundance, everything, life, universe ADJECTIVEall; abundant, countless, bountiful, every, plentiful NUMBERall/infinite (simple system), 100 (complex system)
anpa ADJECTIVEbowing down, downward, humble, lowly, dependent NOUN(old/non-pu) lower part VERB(without object) to bow down VERB(with object) to conquer, to defeat
ante ADJECTIVEdifferent, altered, changed, other NOUNdifference, change, (unconventional) version VERBto change
awen ADJECTIVEkept, protected, safe, enduring, resilient, waiting, staying PRE-VERBto continue to (do something) NOUN(unconventional) stability, safety, wait VERBkeep, stay, endure, protect
e PARTICLE(before the direct object)
en PARTICLEand (between multiple subjects)
esun NOUNtrade, transaction, exchange, market, shop, fair, bazaar ADJECTIVEtrade/exchange-related, commercial VERBto trade, to exchange
ijo NOUNthing, phenomenon, object, matter ADJECTIVEmaterial, physical
ike ADJECTIVEbad, evil, negative; complex, non-essential, unnecessary, irrelevant NOUNevil VERB(unconventional) make something worse
ilo NOUNtool, implement, machine, device ADJECTIVEuseful, (unconventional) electronic, metallic
insa NOUNcenter, content, inside, between; internal organ, stomach ADJECTIVEcentral, inside, between
jaki ADJECTIVEdirty, disgusting, unclean, unsanitary, toxic, obscene, sickly NOUNdirt, waste VERBto make something dirty
jan NOUNsomebody, person, human being, people, humanity ADJECTIVEhuman-like, personal
jelo ADJECTIVEyellow, yellowish NOUNyellow (and its shades) VERBcolor something yellow
jo VERBhave, carry, contain, hold NOUN(unconventional) possessions, property
kala NOUNfish, marine animal, sea creature
kalama VERBproduce sound, make noise, to play (an instrument); recite, utter aloud NOUNsound, noise ADJECTIVEloud, noisy, sound-making
kama PRE-VERBbecome, be in the process of (doing something), manage to, succeed in NOUNevent, arrival ADJECTIVEarriving, coming, future, summoned
kasi NOUNplant, vegetation; herb, leaf, grass
ken PRE-VERBbe able to, be allowed to, can, may ADJECTIVEpossible, (unconventional) able NOUNability, possibility, (unconventional) right, liberty
kepeken PREPOSITIONto use, with, by means of, (do something) using, with the help of NOUNuse, (unconventional) practice VERB(with object) to use something
kili NOUNfruit, vegetable, mushroom
kiwen NOUNhard object, metal, rock, stone, solid ADJECTIVEhard, metallic, solid
ko NOUNclay, clinging form, dough, semi-solid, paste, powder
kon NOUNair, breath; essence, spirit; hidden reality, unseen agent, (unconventional) gas ADJECTIVEinvisible, ephemeral, (unconventional) gaseous
kule ADJECTIVEcolorful, pigmented, painted NOUNcolor, (rare) gender VERBto paint something a color
kulupu NOUNgroup, community, company, society, nation, tribe ADJECTIVEcommunal, social
kute NOUNear, hearing VERBto hear, listen; pay attention to, obey ADJECTIVE…-sounding
la PARTICLEif, when (introduces context; between the context phrase and the main sentence)
lape ADJECTIVEsleeping, resting, restful NOUNsleep, rest VERBsleep, rest
laso ADJECTIVEblue, green NOUNblue, green VERBcolor something blue/green
lawa VERBhead, control, direct, guide, lead, own, plan, regulate, rule NOUNhead, mind ADJECTIVEmain, primary, controlling, ruling
len NOUNcloth, clothes, fabric, textile; cover, layer of privacy ADJECTIVEclothed, made of cloth/fabric VERBto clothe, to provide a layer of privacy
lete ADJECTIVEcold, cool; uncooked, raw NOUNcold VERBcool down
li PARTICLE(between subject and its predicate [except mi or sina]; also introduces a new predicate for the same subject)
lili ADJECTIVElittle, small, short; few; a bit; young NOUNsmallness VERBto shrink
linja NOUNlong flexible thing; string, cord, hair, rope, thread, yarn
lipu NOUNflat object; book, document, page, card, paper, record, website ADJECTIVEflat, used as lipu, lipu-like, of lipu
loje ADJECTIVEred, reddish NOUNred VERBcolor something red
lon PREPOSITIONin, at, on, located at, present at; real, true, existing NOUNtruth, life, existence ADJECTIVEreal, true, present, existing VERB(without object) is true, exists
luka NOUNarm, hand, tactile organ NUMBER5, five (complex system)
lukin oko NOUNeye, vision VERBlook at, see, examine, observe, read, watch PRE-VERBseek, look for, try to ADJECTIVE…-looking, visual
lupa NOUNdoor, hole, orifice, window
ma NOUNearth, land; outdoors, world; country, territory; soil
mama NOUNparent, ancestor; creator, origin, originator; caretaker, sustainer VERBcreate, parent, take care of
mani NOUNmoney, cash, savings, wealth; large domesticated animal ADJECTIVE(unconventional) wealthy
meli NOUNwoman, female, feminine person; wife ADJECTIVEfeminine
mi NOUNI, me, we, us ADJECTIVEmy, our
mije NOUNman, male, masculine person; husband ADJECTIVEmasculine
moku VERBeat, drink, consume, swallow, ingest NOUNfood ADJECTIVEedible, of food
moli ADJECTIVEdead, dying NOUNdeath VERBto kill
monsi NOUNback, behind, rear, butt ADJECTIVEback, rear
mu PARTICLE(animal noise or communication, any animal sound)
mun NOUNmoon, star, night sky object ADJECTIVElunar, stellar
musi ADJECTIVEartistic, entertaining, amusing, frivolous, playful, recreational NOUNgame, art VERBamuse, play, have fun
mute ADJECTIVEmany, a lot, more, much, several, very NOUNquantity NUMBER3 or more (simple system), 20 (complex system)
nanpa PARTICLE-th (ordinal number) ADJECTIVEmathematical, numeric, (unconventional) digital NOUNnumber
nasa ADJECTIVEweird, unusual, strange; foolish, crazy; drunk, intoxicated
nasin NOUNway, custom, doctrine, directive, method, path, road, street ADJECTIVEstreet-, true to the directive/way/custom VERB(unconventional) to guide, to show the path
nena NOUNbump, button, hill, mountain, nose, protuberance ADJECTIVEhilly, mountainous, bumpy
ni ADJECTIVEthis, that NOUNthis, that
nimi NOUNname, word
noka NOUNfoot, leg, organ of locomotion; bottom, lower part, under (something)
o PARTICLEhey! o! (addressing somebody or command)
olin VERBlove, have compassion for, respect, show affection to NOUNlove, compassion, affection, respect ADJECTIVEloved, favorite, respected
ona NOUNhe, she, it, they ADJECTIVEhis, her, their, its
open VERBbegin, start; open; turn on NOUNstart, beginning ADJECTIVEinitial, starting PRE-VERBbegin (doing something)
pakala ADJECTIVEbotched, broken, damaged, harmed, messed up, wrong NOUNdamage, mistake VERBto break, to make mistakes PARTICLE(generic curse)
pali VERBdo, take action on, work on; build, make, prepare NOUNwork, labor ADJECTIVEworking
palisa NOUNlong hard thing; branch, rod, stick, (unconventional) length ADJECTIVElong
pan NOUNcereal, grain; barley, corn, oat, rice, wheat; bread, pasta, pizza
pana VERBgive, send, emit, provide, put, release ADJECTIVE(unconventional) given, sent, released
pi PARTICLEof (regroup two or more modifiers)
pilin NOUNheart; feeling, touch, sense ADJECTIVEfeeling (an emotion, a direct experience) VERBtouch, think, feel
pimeja ADJECTIVEblack, dark, unlit NOUNblack, shadow VERBcolor something black, cast a shadow
pini ADJECTIVEago, completed, ended, finished, final, (tenpo pini) past NOUNend, finish VERBto end, to finish, to close PRE-VERBto end/stop doing something
pipi NOUNbug, insect, ant, spider
poka NOUNhip, side; next to, nearby, vicinity, nearby area ADJECTIVEneighboring, nearby, at one’s side
poki NOUNcontainer, bag, bowl, box, cup, cupboard, drawer, vessel VERB(unconventional) to put in a box
pona ADJECTIVEgood, positive, useful; friendly, peaceful; simple NOUNgood, simplicity VERBto improve, to fix
pu ADJECTIVEinteracting with / as told in the official Toki Pona book NOUNthe official Toki Pona book VERBinteracting with the official Toki Pona book The official Toki Pona book only defines the verb meaning of the word pu. Some people in the Toki Pona community prefer to only use it in the verb meaning, while others use it in others as well.
sama ADJECTIVEsame, similar, like; each other; sibling, peer, fellow PREPOSITIONas, like NOUNsimilarity, (someone’s) sibling
seli ADJECTIVEwarm, hot NOUNheat, warmth; fire; cooking element, chemical reaction, heat source VERBto heat
selo NOUNouter form, outer layer; bark, peel, shell, skin; boundary ADJECTIVEouter
seme PARTICLEwhat? which? (for questions)
sewi NOUNarea above, top, highest part, something elevated, sky, god ADJECTIVEhigh, above; awe-inspiring, divine, sacred, supernatural
sijelo NOUNbody (of person or animal), physical state, torso ADJECTIVEphysical, of sijelo
sike NOUNround/circular thing; ball, circle, cycle, sphere, wheel, (sike tenpo) year ADJECTIVEround, circular, spherical, of one year VERBto make a circle around
sin namako ADJECTIVEnew, fresh; additional, another, extra NOUNnovelty, addition, (unconventional) update, spice VERBto add, to update
sina NOUNyou ADJECTIVEyour
sinpin NOUNface, foremost part, front, wall ADJECTIVEof face, foremost
sitelen NOUNimage, picture, representation, symbol, mark, writing ADJECTIVEsymbolic, written, recorded VERBto write, to draw, to record
sona VERBknow, be skilled in, be wise about, have information on PRE-VERBknow how to NOUNknowledge, information ADJECTIVEknown
soweli NOUNanimal, beast, land mammal
suli ADJECTIVEbig, heavy, large, long, tall; important, great; adult NOUNsize, greatness VERBto grow
suno NOUNsun; light, brightness, glow, radiance, shine; light source ADJECTIVEsolar, bright VERBto light, to shine
supa NOUNhorizontal surface, thing to put or rest something on
suwi ADJECTIVEsweet, fragrant; cute, innocent, adorable NOUN(unconventional) sweets, fragrances
tan PREPOSITIONby, from, because of NOUNcause, reason, origin ADJECTIVEoriginal VERB(with object) (unconventional) to cause
taso PARTICLE(at beginning of sentence) but, however ADJECTIVEonly
tawa PREPOSITIONgoing to, toward; to, for; from the perspective of ADJECTIVEmoving NOUNmovement VERBto move
telo NOUNwater, liquid, fluid, wet substance; beverage ADJECTIVEwet, fluid, liquid VERBto water, to clean
tenpo NOUNtime, duration, moment, occasion, period, situation ADJECTIVEtemporal
toki VERBto communicate, say, speak, talk, use language, think NOUNspeech, conversation, language ADJECTIVEverbal, conversational
tomo NOUNindoor space; building, structure, home, house, room ADJECTIVEindoor
tu NUMBER2, two NOUNdivide ADJECTIVEdivided VERBto divide Using tu at the end of a noun phrase is generally associated with the number 2. The meaning “divided” is usually specified by using a li particle:
  • kulupu tu – two communities
  • kulupu li tu. – the community is divided.
unpa VERBto have sex with NOUNsex ADJECTIVEsexual
uta NOUNmouth, lips, oral cavity, jaw ADJECTIVEoral
utala VERBto fight, to battle, challenge, compete against, struggle against NOUNfight, battle, challenge, war ADJECTIVEaggressive, warlike
walo ADJECTIVEwhite, whitish; light-colored, pale; bright, light NOUNthe color white (and its shades) VERBto color something white
wan ADJECTIVEunique, united, married NUMBER1, one NOUNpart (of something) VERBto unite, to marry Using wan at the end of a noun phrase is generally associated with the number 1. The meaning “united” is usually specified by using a li particle:
  • kulupu wan – one community
  • kulupu li wan. – the community is united.
  • kulupu mute wan – 21 communities (complex numbering system)
  • kulupu mute li wan – many (or 20) communities are united.
waso NOUNbird, flying creature, winged animal
wawa ADJECTIVEstrong, powerful; confident, sure; energetic, intense NOUNstrength, power, energy
weka ADJECTIVEabsent, away, remote, ignored NOUNabsence, remoteness VERBremove, get rid of
wile PRE-VERBmust, need, require, should, want, wish, to want to do something NOUNwant, need, desire ADJECTIVEdesired, needed, required VERBto want something
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